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Our bricks & mortar
is publicity

Client and media relations are the backbone of MASONRY. Being a small and nimble agency, we are awarded the opportunity to build a unique relationship with every client. We firmly believe there is a story behind every brand and it’s our job to tell it to the world.

Assembling the foundations of awareness, constructing and extending your news reach, at MASONRY, we genuinely know about building, building you using Public Relations.

What we do

Media Relations

We liaise consistently and concisely with all sections of the media, from the business pages to features and lifestyles and, of course, news pages. We’re proud to represent our clients across all media platforms.

Social Media

We work with our clients, often providing briefing plans, schedules and content meetings. We create and implement social media campaigns that create serious FOMO. Our experience goes across events, festivals, TV and retail clients.


We will listen to you and your campaigns wishes to specifically meet the needs of your brand. We will continue to provide ideas, input, and advice as the relationship grows, providing consistent and reliable reporting along the way.

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Case Studies

Our PR expertise has landed us some amazing clients.

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