5,000 mats, 238 classes, 3,000 litres of water…the numbers to Thrive!

The Numbers to Thrive!

5,000 Yoga Mats

238 Classes to help better yourself

75 of Ireland’s top wellness & fitness guru’s

3,000 litres of water consumed

32 hours of Yoga classes

50 ideas for new recipes to try

Transform your mind and body at

The Convention Centre Dublin this weekend!

Discover new fitness classes to try, hear some of the country’s top wellness advocates give you their best advice and be inspired to get into the kitchen. Yoga HIIT – Gut Health – Sleep Clinics – Decluttering Financial Advice – Ditching Diet Culture and so much more – it’s time to educate yourself and best of all, it happens indoors in an incredible space, The Convention Centre Dublin on this weekend – Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st 2019.

There are two sessions each day to choose from. If you are an early starter the 8.30am session will kick your day off or if you prefer a leisurely start to a day the 12.30pm is for you. Included in the ticket price is access to the Signature Talk that starts each session and access for up to four classes or workshops. Come for one session or buy the weekend pass for access to two, avoid Brexit talk with a weekend to clear the head and mind at Thrive!

There you have it, as taste of Thrive! There is so much more to this amazing festival, check out all the timetable details at https://thrivefestival.ie/timetables/

Bring your gym gear, bring a notebook, bring an open mind

and discover how to Thrive this Spring!