Ava Éabha McMahon Wildflower

AVA, her debut solo album, Wildflower

Ava Éabha McMahon

“I love that music is a universal language, whereby one person’s story can be interpreted by so many, in different ways. Writing for me, has always been a way to acknowledge the human spirit, and hopefully help others to know they are not alone with how they are feeling” – AVA

Ava Éabha McMahon Wildflower

Wildflower is the debut album from AVA comprising her original songs that encapsulate the rhythm of the earth; the unwavering momentum of love and loss and the global concerns we have for ourselves, for each other and for the world we call home. Contemporary with strong traditional influences, the album has its roots in World Music, haunting at times, lavish at others, irresistible melodies with ethereal overtones.

AVA is the name under which Irish singer/songwriter Éabha McMahon presenting her solo work (the phonetical spelling of Éabha).

Éabha has already garnered world attention for her outstanding unique voice, firstly as part of Anuna, the internationally renowned Irish Choral group and then recording and touring with the globally successful Irish music collective Celtic Woman with whom she received her first Grammy nomination.

Brought up steeped in the Irish language and trained in the Irish traditional style of singing, known as Sean Nos, her debut album sees Éabha continuing that centuries old Irish tradition of storytelling through song, bringing her own modern contemporary style to the art and seamlessly blending English lyrics with her oft forgotten native language that adds a poetic rhythm to her songwriting.



Wildflower – Song Descriptions

Rhythm Of Earth

While walking in Connemara as the waves were crashing against the rocks and the sky was perfectly pink, the wind felt warm and the smell of the air reminded me of summer evenings as a child, running around the garden in my bare feet, laughing and singing with my family until the sun faded away. The lyrics came pouring out. I read them out loud to the sea, and promised to never forget that feeling of being home again.


As a child my grandmother. would show me dried flowers that were delicately kept between two sheets of paper in an old book. They were so beautiful. Her mother would tell her the story of the wildflowers and how they ended up in this book. To me the flowers represent the passing of time, the beauty of nature and the love between mother and daughter.

Call My Name

This song was inspired by my Dad. I am lucky to have a family that has lifted me up and held me tight through every hard time, and laughed and celebrated with me through the happy times. I have always felt that no matter what my Dad is right there by my side guiding me, encouraging me, reminding me and everyone he meets that we are never alone.


During a time of so many news stories about inequality, discrimination and fear, I wanted to write a song that we can all relate to. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you believe in, what colour your skin is, who you love, who you identify as. No two people are the same, but we all have a beating heart that unites us all. We are just the heartbeats of our time and I hope one day we can live peacefully without prejudice, injustice and discrimination.

Seas Suas

A song that I wrote in the Irish language as a song to my loved ones at home wanting them to know that although we may be physically far away, they are never far from my heart, they are with me in every thought and every note.

When We Dream

This song was inspired by my imagination as a child. My parents would read bedtime stories to me and in my dreams all of these wonderful, mystical characters would come to life with so much colour and charisma, that when I woke each morning, I would wish to go straight back into the dream world again. This song is an ode to that magical imagination that children have.

In the Quiet

A song of reflection. A moment of quiet and leave for anyone who has lost someone or something close to them. In a world that is so fast paced, I wanted to write lyrics that made a safe space to reminisce and remember all of the special moments that life offers us every day.

One More Day

I wrote this song about the vulnerability that lies in all of us, and the importance of kindness. I wrote it after getting off the phone to someone close to me and all they needed was to hear was that it was going to be OK and to keep going.

You Are Home

The lyrics of this song were inspired by the journey that we all go on in life and the importance of reflection, and time and the beauty of light and love. It’s about finding home within yourself and nurturing that home each day.

Native Call

This song represents my call to nature and all of the beauty that lives and breathes around us every day. Her native call refers to Mother Nature, one of the leading inspirations of my album. I think that every human carries a part of Mother Nature within them, and in today’s busy and loud world it can be easy to lose touch with her. But she is always there.

Tell Me Now

Tell Me Now was inspired by the idea that no matter how many miles away we are from loved ones, that we always share the sky and that keeps us connected. I love the idea that we all share the moon and have done so for thousands of years.


Runaway is a song about freedom, discovery and life lessons. The idea that anything is possible if we believe it is. It’s about the beautiful bond that I have with my Mother. Her strength, fearlessness and unconditional love has made me the woman I am today and it’s wonderful to be able to write a song about my gratitude and love for her.


Loud is my call to action for the environment. The lyrics were written in Australia when the sky above me was filled with smoke and the smell of burning lingered for weeks. It broke my heart to see the earth literally burning in front of me and it inspired me to write a song that might urge people to take care of the world that we live in.