Fercullen Premium Blend Makes a Statement for Powerscourt Distillery

Fercullen Premium Blend Makes a Statement for Powerscourt Distillery

Age is not just a number to Powerscourt Distillery, who today announce an age statement of the Premium Blend Irish Whiskey. The youngest whiskey in their Premium Blend of Grain and Malt whiskey is 8 years, representing  the blending together of carefully selected casks of aged malt and grain whiskies.

The Fercullen Irish Whiskey portfolio of opening expressions has received widespread acclaim. It is a perfect time to increase their shelf appeal with an age statement of 8 years for the Fercullen Premium Blend, a move which highlights the exceptional age quality, of the Blend.  

According to Powerscourt distillery’s Master distiller Noel Sweeney “Our Premium blend has always been distilled with 8YO aged whiskey, following very positive feedback from consumers and trade partners we feel the time is right to call out the age statement and acknowledge to quality of our liquid”.

Noel’s experience, spanning over 30 years, has earned him global recognition and sits comfortably in a place renowned for attention to detail, craft and vision.  Having formerly distilled the spirit that will be used by Fercullen, Noel is now also responsible for the new spirit being produced and laid down by the Powerscourt Distillery – a unique attribute on today’s Irish whiskey landscape.

Fercullen 10-Year-Old Single Grain Whiskey (RRP €57.95, Fercullen 14-Year Old Single Malt Whiskey (RRP €92.95), Fercullen 18-Year Old Single Malt (RRP €140) and Fercullen 8YO Blend Irish Whiskey (RRP€44) will be available to purchase at The Powerscourt Distillery Visitor Centre open Monday to Thursday 12pm-2pm and Friday to Sunday for tours and tastings. Please see www.powerscourtdistillery.com for details and bookings.

Fercullen Irish Whiskies are also available at selected outlets countrywide please check our website for further details.


‘FeraCulann’ or ‘Fercullen’ is the Gaelic name given to the ancient and strategically important lands that surround and encompass Powerscourt Estate. Literally translated it stands for “Men of Cuala” or “Men of the Wicklow Mountains” the historical context of which has involved several centuries of local discourse, dispute and battle prior to the arrival of peace and calm in the hands of visionary custodians.

Master Distiller Noel Sweeney has received several awards for distilling and whiskey excellence.  He was inducted into The Whisky Magazine ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2017 and currently remains as one of just two Irish distillers to have been recognised in this way.  A globally renowned whiskey expert, Noel is passionate about his craft and has released many international award-winning Irish whiskies over the years.  He is a member of the Irish Spirits Association, a founding member of the Irish Whiskey Association and a key contributor to the GI technical file for Irish whiskey.  Noel has devoted over 30 years patiently honing his craft and learning from former masters.  He held a former position as assistant distiller to Gordon Mitchell, the first distiller at the Isle of Arran Distillery, Scotland.

Our location at the Old Mill House is set against the stunning backdrop of the great Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoying a long heritage of dedication and craftsmanship, Powerscourt has become one of Ireland’s most treasured estates – an inspiring location where the extraordinary is possible. With an underground lake of the purest Wicklow water, close proximity to rich farming lands and a temperate coastline climate It sets the perfect stage for distilling and maturing Irish whiskey.


The provenance of the Powerscourt Estate can be traced back to the 6th century, to a territory that stretches across fertile plains and through rugged mountainous terrain.  Known in its native Gaelic tongue as “Fera-Culann” or Fercullen, its location in the foothold of the Wicklow mountains, so close to Dublin, made it a highly valued, strategic place.  Ownership was claimed by numerous factions over the centuries, from the native Clans of O’Toole and O’Byrne, to the Norman house of LePoer, who built a castle there and from whom the estate takes its name.  In the early 17th century, Powerscourt was gifted by Queen Elizabeth I to a favoured army general, Sir Richard Wingfield, an ancestral relative of the Slazenger family who currently hold the Estate.