ROOUE - What You Want single cover

Brand New Pop Duo ROOUE (twins Ro & Lou) Share Debut single  “WHAT YOU WANT”

Out October 2nd   

Irish pop duo ROOUE debut their single ‘What You Want’.

ROOUE - What You Want single cover

Incorporating element of dark pop melodies and electronic synth sounds this single co-written with Richey McCourt, embodies a taste of what’s to come with this exciting new twin duo.


Speaking on the single ROOUE says – ‘What You Want’ is about how we as women within the music industry and within everyday life have felt the pressures to conform within societies expectations. The story line stems from our experience studying in music collage, on one hand being forced to be authentic, yet being criticised when not fulfilling their mould whilst reaching our authentic sound.’

ROOUE, twin sisters blending electronic dark pop instrumentation with signature harmonies, and a hint of old school RnB to create dancey, fun tunes, with hooks that get stuck in your head.

ROOUE are Ro and Lou, born in London and living in Dublin, Ireland since their pre-teens. Singing with one another since they could walk, ROOUE demonstrate their connection with music and each other with the use of signature blended harmonies and diverse counter melodies.

Inspirations deriving from artists such as NAO, BANKS, Lennon Stella and Christina Aguilera. With this release ROOUE demonstrate the beginning of an exciting career with loads more music and gigs to come.


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