What we are listening to – Podcasts June 2019

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE radio but I also love a great podcast! I have found some great new ones, work and lifestyle since my list from last year

Here are three new ones that are catching my ear – non work related but great for the brain:

Image Smart Casual

What I like most about this pod is that it’s totally different to most others, three hosts all with great storytelling abilities. I really like the content and how it’s produced. It’s very fresh and presented in such a great style you feel like you are sitting amongst the ladies having a chat. The guests have been amazing, so far Catherine Condell has been my favourite!



Shrine of Duty

One word…OBSESSED! Me now…and well yes Rebekah, Brendan & Hannah too. What was without doubt the best TV in ages Series 5 of BBC’s Line of Duty was a stormer but each week the trio gave us howls of laugher plus plots to ponder and of course…Lines of Juicy (who will ever top Kate in the last episode of S5 to fake Kate!!) The guys put so much into this podcast which saw them on the BBC, Late Late Show and interviews in UK media. Even if you have watched the series, go back and listen, you won’t regret it.


Lead to Win

Focused, no nonsense, practical, informative…all of these in one pod! I’m a big fan of Michael and his work. A Full Focus Planner is physically attached to me all the time. His ethos along with his daughter Megan on the pod is the help everyone. It’s not pushing sales it’s giving insightful knowledge from a high level book publishing career. I look forward to my weekly dose…plus I LOVE their accents!!


And there you go, some inspiration for your moments when you want to switch off from the world!