Assembling the foundations of awareness, constructing and extending your news reach, at MASONRY, we genuinely know about building, building you using Public Relations.

1. Your story out there

Every business has a story; craft your story using public relations to reach your target market. We know our media connections, they know us, and we deliver what they need. We help marry news that you want to tell to what media need. Working across a wide variety of media, we give you the best strategies and tactics to get your business story out there.

2. Reach your audience through the best channels

Public Relations is not just about blasting messages out there. Your business needs to know where your customers are, be it listening, reading, watching or online. Each client is different, and we help you craft a strategy that reaches where your customers are. This isn't PR by numbers; this is a campaign built with you at the heart.

3. An investment, not a cost, showing how PR should impact your business

PR is an investment in getting your brand out there. Our client's sales teams see the actual value of what our PR coverage delivers. The coverage we achieve will demonstrate a bottom-line return; Public Relations is not a cost; it's an investment in your sales funnel. Awareness, visibility, placement tactics matter and have an impact on sales. When the return on the PR investment shows, your sales team will see leads and real sales.

4. Strengthen your brand recognition

Your brand recognition with a PR campaign done correctly can effectively scale your business in a very cost-effective manner. PR establishes credibility that advertising alone can't. PR reaches your customer via trusted media outlets, media they are influenced by. Your clients/customers are reading/listening/watching – a plain advertisement may miss the point. Do you want to miss out?

5. Part of your team

One of our principal pillars at MASONRY is teamwork. Our clients consistently tell us how we've become an integral part of their team. By being at the heart of your day to day business, we get more from you and for you. Your business nuts and bolts matter to us. We believe that it is our job to get to know your business and then let you shine on all news platforms.