Podcast Top 5 – PR & Digital must listens

If you are anything like us Podcasts get us through commutes and travelling the country. We love the variety of Pods but we also love that they can be so specific and content you just won’t hear on radio. There are some fantastic PR and Digital podcasts (watch this space for MASONRY’s own Pod launching later this summer!) but here are our top 5:

1. JSB Talks Digital

Ok so I was a guest BUT it really is my go-to quick hit for the best of what’s going on in the worlds of digital plus PR. Joanne has really worked hard to make this a great Pod every week and we admire her. We’ve had some great tips for new timesaving social media tools. Check it out now at http://digitaltraininginstitute.ie/jsb-talks-digital-podcast/



2. Spin Sucks

Brand new but already packing a punch Gini has created a bite-sized insight from the brilliant Spin Sucks blog and community. There is no waffle or messing with this Pod, Gini tells it as it is and if you don’t listen, you will regret! Check it out here http://spinsucks.com/spin-sucks-podcast



3. BBC The Media Show

So technically this is a radio show that is available as a Podcast. It’s a great podcast for hearing the insights in the UK media arena and doesn’t hold back asking hard questions of media. As a PR person, it’s great to see what happens in a bigger market. Check it out here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00dv9hq/episodes/downloads



4. Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Living life as a YouTube live broadcast Social Media Marketing Talk Show is repurposed into a Pod and while it’s a long listen (usually an hour) it is the BEST way of finding our all the weekly happenings in social. We manage and work on a lot of social accounts so it’s an invaluable resource. Check it our here https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/morning-social-media-marketing-talk-show/



5. Digital Download Podcast

Coming from the UK, Paul Sutton is a digital marketing consultant but also digital communications specialist. We’ve had some great pieces on topics such as Inbound PR (more to come on this!) and how AI is impacting PR. It’s another must listen for how to marry PR with digital comms. Check it out here https://digitaldownload.training/digital-download-podcast/


So there you have it, our top 5, have you more to add? Do tell is as we’d love to hear! Email us at pr@MASONRY.ie